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    How to Freshen Up Your Bedroom for National Sleep Awareness Week

    National Sleep Awareness Week was started in 1998 to highlight the importance of a good night’s sleep. Lack of sleep has been linked to many health conditions that range from decreased concentration and depression to an increased risk of heart disease and stroke. Since 2018, National Sleep Awareness Week starts with Daylight Savings. In 2022, it begins on Sunday, March 13th.

    It should come as no surprise that WestPoint Home® is obsessed with all things related to the best bedding for sleep, as a major part of our home decor collection has to do with creating the perfect bedroom. While you might think you already have the ultimate bedroom space with the best sheets for sleeping and perfectly plump pillows, we think it’s time to look at your decor through the lens of National Sleep Awareness Week. Learn how to freshen up your bedroom for better sleep with our help today!

    Recommendations for Better Sleep

    The experts have a lot to say about how you can get the most out of your sleep. While many talk about healthy habits, others focus on creating the right environment for healthy sleep with the best sheets for sleeping and ideal room temperatures. Some of the top recommendations for better sleep include ensuring your space is cool, dark, quiet, clean, and pleasantly fragrant. Let’s see how home decor can deliver on these requirements to enhance your time asleep.

    1. Cooling Sheets

    Breathable and crisp cotton percale sheets

    You might think that the best sheets for sleeping are those that are softest or thickest, but it’s actually temperature control that’s most important. If your sheets are trapping body heat, you’ll sweat yourself awake, losing precious moments of deep sleep and REM cycles. The best bedding for sleep is made from cotton or linen to allow a bit of airflow around your body without making you feel chilly.

    At WestPoint Home®, we have several brands that utilize organic Supima® cotton for their sheet sets to provide you with a higher quality material for better overall fabric. If you don’t have the ideal sheets for controlling body temperature, it might be time to start looking. New sheets help you figure out how to freshen up your bedroom in one easy step!

    2. Blackout Curtains

    If you have windows in your bedroom, it may not be your sheets that are keeping you awake at night. Ambient light coming into your room, even at night, can disrupt your sleep patterns. Whether you have trouble falling asleep or staying asleep, blackout curtains could resolve issues that stem from changing or moving light outside your windows.

    3. Sound Dampening Accessories

    3 plush blankets hanging on a wall with a fourth draped over a sofa and a fifth bundled up in a basket

    So, you’ve got the best sheets for sleeping, best bedding for sleep, and you’ve put blackout curtains on all your windows—what more could you possibly need? Well, the experts recommend making sure your room is as soothing and quiet as possible. Many bedrooms that have wooden floors, thin windows, or attached bathrooms with tile could be bouncing ambient sounds around and making them more disruptive than they should be.

    Sound dampening accessories, like throw blankets, rugs, and other soft accent pieces, can make a big difference here. Even soft canvas paintings on your wall can go a long way to preventing sound from reverberating around your space.

    4. Extra Bedding

    Clean sheets are undeniably the best sheets for sleeping. Afterall—how do you expect to get comfortable in dirty bedding? Some people do well with just two sets of sheets to keep one on the bed between washes, but others find that they do laundry less often, so they need more sets to ensure they’re changing their sheets promptly. For an optimal clean feeling, change your sheets at least once a week.

    5. Essential Oil Diffuser/Spray

    Since even the best bedding for sleep doesn’t come scented, consider looking into essential oils or candles to keep your bedroom fragrant. Calming scents, like lavender and chamomile, are a great choice, but you can also blend them in your spray bottle or diffuser with mood-lifting citrus fragrances as well.

    Light candles as part of your bedtime ritual or spray your pillow with essential oils when you make the bed to ensure your space looks and smells amazing at all times!

    Combining All Five

    Now that you’ve learned how to freshen up your bedroom with the best bed sheets for sleeping, sound dampening decor, blackout curtains, clean bedding, and natural fragrances, you’re ready to get the best sleep of your life. Make these changes to your bedroom and discover the difference today!