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    Lady Pepperell

    Lady Pepperell

    Expressing the playful side within everyone, Lady Pepperell® products are inspired by vintage style with a modern twist. At WestPoint Home®, we bring you Lady Pepperell® products that range from bedding to shower curtains and towels. Bring a little lightness and joy to every room in your home when you explore the fun patterns and prints of this vintage bedding!

    How do you add a little sass and life to your home decor? Try bath towels with flowers, Lady Pepperell® floral sheet sets, cheery shower curtains, and colorful comforters for every occasion. Explore this charming branded selection at WestPoint Home®.

    Tradition Reinvented

    If you love flowers and color, Lady Pepperell® vintage bedding and bathroom decor are for you. Discover a literal garden of floral delights when you shop products packed with roses, violets, carnations, and fields of daisies. Everywhere you look, you’ll find painterly floral patterns that add a vibrant splash of color and life anywhere you put them!

    Every piece in the Lady Pepperell® collection balances playful personality with warmth and comfort. The result is bath towels with flowers, Lady Pepperell® floral sheets, and fluffy comforters that make you want to wrap yourself up in beautiful, irresistible comfort.

    The Lady Pepperell® Philosophy

    With Lady Pepperell®, life is like a freshly cut bouquet. Its beauty is astounding, and it overwhelms you with unique smells, sights, and textures. Lady Pepperell® products express this as an aesthetic with lively floral prints that blend vintage styles with contemporary inspiration.

    When you browse Lady Pepperell® vintage bedding at WestPoint Home®, you’ll find fresh, fun designs that allow you to express your cheeky personality. Reinvent yourself with every new piece and use the past to inspire the future of your home decor. Shop bright and cheerful styles from Lady Pepperell® today!