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    Nostalgia Home

    WestPoint Home® is proud to offer a wide range of high-quality Nostalgia Home® quilts, quilted pillow shams, and other products.

    With a focus on using sustainable and renewable materials to create each product, Nostalgia Home® is a leader in the handcrafted home textiles industry. Fine craftsmanship, quality materials, and timeless design are hallmarks of this best-selling bedding and decor line. Explore the Nostalgia Home® collection at WestPoint Home® to discover products that seamlessly foster warmth and comfort.

    Every quilt tells a story. Find yours in the Nostalgia Home® collection today.

    For Those Who Cherish Tradition

    At WestPoint Home®, we curate a specific selection of products we think would best appeal to our customers. When it comes to Nostalgia Home®, we love their quilts and pillow shams more than anything else.

    If you’re looking for Nostalgia Home® quilts adorned with butterflies, flowers, and other classic patterns, we have the selection for you. Explore our quilted pillow shams, sheet sets, duvet covers, and blankets today to discover the perfect complement to your current home decor.

    A Little about Nostalgia Home®

    Nostalgia Home® quilts, duvet sets, and pillow shams celebrate the living legacy of handmade traditions and craftsmanship. The brand itself pays respect to its American heritage with intricately stitched designs that invoke warmth and comfort.

    Connect with your roots through this collection and pass down stories through the generations to keep these unique pieces alive. Let every stitch tell its story as you transform Nostalgia Home® products into treasured family heirlooms.