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    Trending Collection

    Trending Collection

    In addition to the New Arrivals collection, WestPoint Home® also helps you stay on top of the most popular styles of the year with our Trending Collection. These are the pieces we’re most excited about for the upcoming season! With our finger on the pulse of home decor essentials, this is the place to stop by first when refreshing your space.

    As you explore our trending items, you’ll often find bedding collections, modern bath towel sets, and shower curtains in unique prints and patterns. While each of these has its own page on our site, the Trending Collection is where you’ll see a curated selection of the best available designs. These styles are popular for a reason, so shop now before they’re gone!

    Shop All in One

    We love when our bedrooms, bathrooms, and other living spaces exude a cohesive energy that makes us feel relaxed and comfortable. But how do you create that kind of atmosphere? Well, at WestPoint Home®, we believe the key is to complete the set.

    Many of our brands, like Lady Pepperell®, design sets for both your bed and bath. From bedding collections that include complementary sheets and comforters, we’ve developed lines that make it easier than ever to shop comprehensive home decor.

    Shop WestPoint Home®

    Quality, sustainability, and customer service are three of our most important tenets. We wholeheartedly believe in developing premium quality products that last for years while maintaining fair trade and ecologically friendly practices.

    When you choose to shop bedding collections and modern bath towels with us, you’re getting more than just basics for the home. You’re choosing a company that has your back. Enjoy free shipping for purchases over $24.99 and free returns on every order.