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    Weighted Blankets

    Weighted throw blankets are an easy solution to relaxing at the end of the day. Whether you have one in your bedroom, living room, or guest room, these comforting throws help invite a sense of calm into your home.

    At WestPoint Home®, we’re proud to offer you America’s favorite weighted throw in multiple weights and colors so you can find one that meets your needs while matching your home’s aesthetic. Snuggle up in front of the television or sink into bed to enjoy a simulated hug from a Vellux®-brand weighted throw.

    Features and Benefits

    These throw blankets deliver a soft, warm hug that’s comforting and soothing. Some customers have said that weighted throw blankets have helped improve their sleep quality, ease their mind, and provide a better sense of calm.

    Not sure which throw is the best weight for you? We recommend one that is about 10% of your total body weight to ensure complete relaxation without feeling overwhelmed.

    Our Vellux® weighted throws are made with plush fleece on the outside and polystyrene pellets on the inside to add the perfect amount of weight. Browse 15, 20, and 25-pound throws today!

    America’s #1 Favorite Weighted Throw

    WestPoint Home® has over 200 years of experience curating a specialized selection of home decor essentials to meet your needs. With innovative solutions to the ever-evolving modern home, you can trust us to bring you premium products that last while connecting you with brands that use premium quality materials and eco-friendly, sustainable practices.

    From bedding sets to bathroom basics, our comprehensive collections ensure a cohesive and comfortable home. See why Vellux® is the creator of America’s favorite weighted throw blanket when you order yours from WestPoint Home®.