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    Vellux®, also known as a "cloud of comfort,” is America's most trusted name in blankets. When you shop Vellux® at WestPoint Home®, you’ll find a range of ultra-soft materials, inviting colors, and weights in a collection curated just for you. Browse Vellux® blankets and throws to discover cozy pieces for the living room, extra blankets for the guest bedroom, and weighted throws for when you really need a comforting hug.

    This brand is all about making you feel secure with a unique sense of calm and comfort. The Vellux® throws and blankets cocoon you in unsurpassed lightness, warmth, and intimacy. Explore all of our Vellux® options today.

    Our Vellux® Selection

    As a brand specializing in blankets, Vellux® is here to open your eyes about what these bedding essentials can truly offer. At WestPoint Home®, we highlight the unique materials, colors, and weights of Vellux® throws and blankets, so you can choose the perfect piece for every room and family member.

    Explore plush, cotton, mink, fleece, and faux fur fabrics in soothing neutral hues that are ideal for every season. Shop deep burgundy, navy, and emerald throws for fall and winter, as well as sky blue, sage, and peach for spring and summer.

    America’s Most Trusted Name in Blankets

    The Vellux® brand believes that the heart of your home should be a warm, cozy, welcoming place. Finding the perfect balance between each piece of decor is essential, as well as knowing which textures, fabrics, and colors blend best.

    With the reassuring and familiar caress of soft Vellux® blankets, you and your family can enjoy the highest-quality construction and design every time you wrap yourself up in their familiar embrace. Shop Vellux® at WestPoint Home® today and choose to decorate your home with unsurpassed comfort.