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Vellux Blankets

Vellux is America's most trusted blanket brand.  Since 1967, with the introduction of the Vellux Original Blanket, these blankets have kept millions warm.  Our blankets are available in a variety of weights--warm, warmer and warmest, and sizes--twin, full/queen and king to fit nearly everyone.  Safe to say, if you need a blanket, Vellux has you covered.


Product type
Original Bed and Throw Blanket by Vellux

54 reviews
From $49.99
Cotton Blanket by Vellux

57 reviews
From $49.99
Micro Fleece Blanket by Vellux

69 reviews
From $29.99
Sheet Blanket by Vellux

4 reviews
From $69.99
Luxury Plush Blanket by Vellux

30 reviews
From $44.99
Sheared Faux Mink Blanket by Vellux

9 reviews
From $85.00
Plush Luxe Filled Blanket by Vellux

5 reviews
From $69.99