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    About Us

    A visual timeline of WestPoint Home’s start in 1813 to today.

    Our Legacy

    WestPoint Home has been a home fashion pioneer for over 200 years. Our heritage began with Stevens (est. 1813) – a manufacturer of woolen broadcloth. Since then, WestPoint Home and our sister brands have been leaders in innovation, design and construction for home fashions – evolving with our customers and staying on top in the ever-changing market. With three domestic locations and two international facilities, our company has grown, but our philosophy (ethos) remains the same: passionately create high-quality, fashion-forward and sustainable products for every home.

    As a leader in bed, bath, and decor essentials, WestPoint Home® stays on top of the ever-changing market and trends to bring every home the designs and styles it needs.

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    Our Mission for Sustainability

    At WestPoint Home®, we are just as committed to the future of our planet as we are to our customers. That’s why we’ve implemented sustainable practices, such as the use of recycled materials, in an effort to leave a smaller eco-footprint.

    By partnering with entities that regulate the use of harmful chemicals, our company is helping shape a safer, healthier future for everyone. You can trust that every purchase through WestPoint Home® helps change the home goods industry for the better.


    Industrial spools of cotton.

    A world map marked with essential locations for WestPoint Home operations.

    Our Factories

    Since 1983, WestPoint Home Chipley has operated one of the most efficient cut-and-sew operations in the United States. By filling orders from our partner brands and finishing many of our own products, we’re able to cut costs and pass those savings over to our loyal customers.

    This, along with owning and operating a manufacturing facility in Bahrain, has allowed us to produce the wide range of high-quality bedding products we’re known for. From start to finish, we’re a part of your order’s journey.

    Our Brands & Partners

    WestPoint Home® consists of several innovative and legendary brands, including Martex®, Vellux®, Lady Pepperell®, Flatiron®, Lemon Tree, Grand Patrician®, Modern Living®, Utica®, Rachel Ashwell, and TableVogue. We manufacture and sell products with Southern Tide, Nostalgia Home®, and IZOD.

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    A grid featuring several WestPoint Home partner logos.

    Our Stores

    For questions about WestPoint Home® or to speak with our customer service team, please visit our Contact Us page.