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    About Us

    Our Legacy

    WestPoint Home has been a home fashion pioneer for over 200 years. Our heritage began with Stevens (est. 1813) – a manufacturer of woolen broadcloth. Since then, WestPoint Home and our sister brands have been leaders in innovation, design and construction for home fashions – evolving with our customers and staying on top in the ever-changing market. With three domestic locations and two international facilities, our company has grown, but our philosophy (ethos) remains the same: passionately create high-quality, fashion-forward and sustainable products for every home.

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    Our Sustainability

    We understand the impact our company has on the world by making sustainable decisions. Every day, we take the road less traveled – the road to a smaller eco footprint and a healthier future for our customers and factory workers. By sourcing reclaimed and recycled materials and partnering with entities that regulate the use of harmful chemicals, we’re making a difference for the planet and for the future. the planet and for the future.

    Our Factories

    WestPoint Home owns and operates its own manufacturing facility in Bahrain – the largest on the Arabian Gulf. Since 1983, WestPoint Home Chipley has operated as one of the most efficient cut-and-sew operations in the United States, filling orders from our e-commerce partners and drop ship accounts, and finishing many of our products. These facilities allow us to produce a full range of bedding products on a large scale – from start to finish. This allows us to pass our savings on to our customers.

    Our Partners

    WestPoint Home owns and sells legendary brands: Vellux®, Martex®, Utica®, Luxor®, Patrician®, Grand Patrician®, Modern Living®, and Gryphon®. We also manufacture and sell products with licensed brands including Southern Tide®, NostalgiaHome®, and IZOD®. Our customers include Target, Bed Bath & Beyond, Macy’s, HomeGoods and many more renowned companies. We also have a successful hospitality department that boasts partnerships with many prestigious hotel groups and airlines.
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