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A bed pillow sham is an essential piece of home decor for anyone who’s trying to elevate the look and feel of their space. You can swap out the regular pillow covers that come with your sheet set and replace them with something a little more unique and stylish.

From colorful, decorative shams for your bedroom to patterned shams for your couch, WestPoint Home® has a special selection of covers in tons of colors, prints, shapes, and sizes. Round out your living room, lounge space, and bedding style with our wide range of bright and versatile pillow shams.

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More Than Just Decor

Couch and bed pillow shams aren’t just an easy way to bring your interior decor together or breathe new life into a room! They’re also the perfect way to protect your pillows. Don’t worry about spills, stains, or tears on your bed and toss pillows anymore!

Pillow shams stop anything from reaching your pillow filling, and they’re easy to wash and clean. You can simply remove them from the pillow and wash them separately. They’re also very easy to swap out when your tastes change. Buy a set of decorative shams in different colors or buy multiples of the same one for consistent style!

Countless Styles at WestPoint Home®

Whether it’s nostalgic cottage core embroidery or ocean-inspired hues and shapes, WestPoint Home® has a unique collection of couch and bed pillow shams from the top names in the bedding, bath, and home textiles industry.

Explore our collections and find pieces from renowned designers like Southern Tide, Rachel Ashwell, and Nostalgia Home®. These brands are the same fan favorites you’ll find at the most popular stores, including Macy’s, Target, Bed, Bath & Beyond, and so many more. Shop now to find the perfect sham for your home!