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    Bed Skirts

    Bed Skirts

    With ruffled silhouettes, pleated styles, and simple designs, our traditional and modern bed skirts soften your bedding decor. The bed skirt or mattress skirt is a decorative covering that goes under your mattress and over your box spring. With a bed skirt that hangs all the way to the floor, you can use it to enhance your bed sheets or hide whatever might be lurking under your bed.

    Whether you’re covering up those storage boxes under your bed or you hate the look of your bed frame, our modern bed skirts can help. Explore bed ruffles, pleats, and tiers by popular brands like Martex® and Rachel Ashwell to find the perfect fit for your current bedroom aesthetic.

    Year-Round Essentials

    While it might be a decorative piece, your mattress skirt is a year-round essential. It creates a finished look for your bedroom that’s simple yet sophisticated. You may be changing your sheets pretty frequently throughout the year, but your bed skirt generally stays put. Choose a piece that really speaks to you to ensure you don’t need to change it every other week to match your decor.

    At WestPoint Home®, we offer several different types of boho-chic and modern bed skirts. We have a simple pleated skirt with a minimalist vibe as well as bed skirt ruffles and eyelets fit for a princess.

    WestPoint Home® Quality

    At WestPoint Home®, we strive to provide access to bedding essentials that are versatile, comfortable, and cozy. From premium quality brands like Vellux®, Utica®, and Lady Pepperell®, you’ll find renowned styles that deliver unique designs, quality materials, and easy care.

    We’ve been home fashion pioneers for over 200 years, and we’re confident that you’ll find something to love in our collections. Shop with the experts and enjoy innovative products, sustainable creations, and amazing customer service to guide you through decorating your home.