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    Bath Rugs

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    While modern bath rugs and mats go a long way towards enhancing the style of your bathroom, they also play an important role in your comfort the moment you step out of the shower. The right decorative bathroom rug provides a pleasant feeling under your feet, keeps the floor dry, and elevates the look of your shower or tub.

    Most people prefer ivory, cream, or gray rugs, as the light colors are neutral enough to work with any palette, but at WestPoint Home®, we encourage you to put your personal stamp even on your decorative bath mat! Browse bright, colorful designs and step out of the shower onto our softest, loftiest, most comfortable bath rugs. Enjoy popular brands like Martex®, Martex EcoPure®, and Southern Tide.

    Choosing the Right Rug

    You might be looking for a pattern to match your shower curtains, but what about the materials and size of your modern bath rug? Are you looking for a rug that sits in front of the sink? A decorative bath mat that curves around your porcelain throne? The location you need it for will dictate the size and shape of the right rug for you.

    You also need to consider materials. Do you want to keep your bathroom eco-friendly or water- and wear-resistant? Either way, you can explore all of your decorative bathroom rug options when you visit WestPoint Home® today!

    Brands You Can Trust

    WestPoint Home® strives to curate collections from the best home decor brands for your convenience. With over 200 years of experience, we’re constantly innovating to ensure we stay at the forefront of home essentials. From trusted brand partners, like Vellux®, Utica®, and Nostalgia Home®, to sustainable practices and high-quality manufacturing, we do what’s best for our customers.

    We offer more than just modern bath rugs! Start shopping and find everything you need for your bedroom, bathroom, and living room!